Tips for Extending Your Halo Fab Blow Out

By on May 27, 2017 in How-To, Products |

  Join Brittany from Savvy Sleepers and pick up some great tips on making the most of your Fabulous Blow Out from Rockstar Halo Stylist, Amanda. Products featured: Staff Product Pick – Oribe Imperméable Anti–humidity Spray And two of our dry shampoos – Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo and Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo More about how Savvy Sleepers amazing satin pillow cases can extend your blow out and make your hair healthier by preventing snags and breaks while you sleep. (This blogger swears by hers!) Your browser does not support the video tag or the file format of this video....

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Bridal Makeup Tutorial

By on May 24, 2017 in Bridal, How-To, Make Up |

  This is our beautiful client, Amanda, at a Halo wedding hair and make up trial day. She gave her OK for us to film and use her make up test application so we could share this tutorial with you all. Thank you, Amanda, and congratulations! Bride to be? Check out our Days to I Do...

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Jane Iredale Tutorial – Bold, Night-out Make Up

By on April 6, 2017 in How-To, Make Up |

Get the look!  Jane Iredale Spring 2017 Make Up Tutorial.  Perfect timing for Prom Queen DIYers. Step by step how-to from the pros! Your browser does not support the video tag or the file format of this video. All Jane Iredale products are available to buy or order at any Halo location.  We only use JI products for our make up services. Save Save...

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How to Apply Deep Red Lipstick

By on March 15, 2016 in How-To, Make Up |

Well, we admit, our lips are usually red after sipping wine or nibbling on pomegranate seeds.  But sometimes, only a full-on application of cherry red or vamp lipstick will do. Getting it right is not always easy.  Don’t wait until you are getting ready to go out – practice in advance with different techniques, colors, and lipstick types.  Or come on into Halo for a make up lesson and have a pro help you find your perfect shade. Prep!  Give your lips an exfoliation a few hours before applying dark lipstick (have you tried our Jane Iredale Sugar and Butter?  The sugar side is a lip exfoliater made of, yes, sugar!). Don’t forget to moisturize and put on your sunscreen.  Dryness on lips will be accentuated by red lipstick, so moisture moisture moisture! When it’s time to go, start with a primer to prevent feathering. Line your lip with pencil to make a border to “grip” the lipstick.  What color?  There’s no need to buy liner to match every shade of lipstick you own.  Nude is the way to go – match your skin, not the lipstick.  Melissa Capistrano, Halo Palo Alto Stylist and Make Up Artist, says, “Use color-free lip liner or, my favorite, concealer pencil. These go with every lip-color you can imagine, they cover signs of fatigue in the corners of the mouth, and expand the ability to manipulate the shape of lips more than a colored liner can.” If you do use a colored liner, don’t go much darker than your lipstick shade as that can age you. Use patient, short strokes.  Start with a horizontal line under your lower lip and two dots in your cupids bow on your upper lips.  Connect! Insider trick!  Melissa suggests, “As a base, try a lip stain to intensify reds and conceal the look of fading lipstick between touch-ups.” For control, use a lip brush to apply the lipstick.  Work from the outer edges of your lip to in to give a more precise line.  Any mistakes can be concealed with a concealer and brush. Unless you are using matte lipstick, make the application last longer and look smoother by mushing your lips together. To blot or not...

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Tips for Social Media Headshot Photos

By on August 10, 2015 in How-To |

MIX Consider different vibes for different social media platforms – your LinkedIn personality may be different than your Instagram personality – that includes pose, attire, facial expression, level of uniqueness, background, and photo quality.   BACKGROUND Let yourself shine without distraction as this is about you, not your surroundings – a simple and non-reflective or blurred background will not pull attention away from your face.  If you have a camera which allows setting adjustments, use a short depth-of-field so your face will be in focus and the background will be out of focus.  Simple, yet interesting background ideas: old wooden fence or barn, a large tree trunk, the side of a building, a brick wall, or the inside of an umbrella or parasol.   POSE It’s not a mug shot!  How about a little head-tilt and gentle smile?  Practice a few shots with the light source at different angles.  Pose with the camera just above head-height to avoid double chins.   NOT ANOTHER SELFIE Aren’t there enough selfie photos out there showing nostrils or an arm stretching for the shutter?  So you can pose attractively, use a tri-pod or selfie-stick, set the camera down and use a timer-delay, or have a friend take the shot.   FRAMING Many social media head-shots end up being tiny, so use as much of the available space as possible so the world can see you.   LIGHTING Get into nice filtered indoor light from a window or shaded outside light.  Avoid flash as it will flatten the image.  Harsh direct lighting or sunlight may make you squint and can cause unattractive shadows.  Too little light will make the photo grainy.   CREATE Want something a bit different for your non-work social media? Pose with the sun behind you to create some light bursts (just be sure there is also enough light on your face so you are not in shadow.)  Peek over the top of some fabulous shades, a fan, a bunch of flowers, or your favorite novel.  If you keep the props simple, they can add your personality to the shot without distracting from it.  Give a big grin or wink a try.  Just be sure your eyes show.   UNIQUE Of...

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By on October 9, 2014 in How-To |

It always blows us away how many people love our look books.  If you have not seen our latest, check them out! HALLOWEEN FALL 2014 LOOK BOOK HAIR We’re loving the fringed pixie cut, but there’s an “in trend” look for everyone this fall. Consider the angled bob, the slick and blunt modern bob, piece–y layers, mermaid tresses — long and beachy, and the lob (longer bob!) Side–swept bangs are still popular and also clips that show (bring your own bobby pins or alligator clips.) And oh my goodness! Is the mullet really back? It is — modernized for sure. Take your fabulous cut of the season to the next level or have your Halo stylist recommend a way to re–imagine your current DO. BROWS Brows are coming on strong this autumn. Seen on recent runways: bold and dark, large and pale, and yes, bushy even. How far do you want to go? Or play is safe and gorgeous with one of Halo’s signature brow styles. MAKE UP A major trend this fall is pairing nude lips, cheeks and brows with over–the–top eye make up — either liner or startling color. Also hot: burgundy lips, electric hues, splashes of metallic, doll lashes, the smoky eye, 1980’s eyeliner, fresh cheeks and glowing skin. The retro look du jour is 1960’s make up. Our make up partner, Jane Iredale, has just launched “CITY NIGHTS”, a collection of sophisticated autumn color. Of course we have the entire line for purchase or for application at our Make Up...

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