Beyond Blow Outs

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As you know, our team of stylists are super-skilled at blow outs. But individually, many also excel in hair cuts and color (and possibly more, you’d have to ask them.)

Fostering those skills and opportunity for our team, we’re encouraging our stylists to offer any services they wish to perform at Halo to any client who requests it.

Please call 800-425-6179 to find out if your Halo stylist is offering any additional services. Upon re-opening, individual services available will be posted at each stylist’s station.

It’s a cake and eat it too situation! One-stop hair-everything at Halo for you, and our stylists have the opportunity to side hustle in the very best way in our fabulous, clean, well-managed, fully-kitted-out salons.

(During this time of COVID regulations, some independent services may not be possible. But something to look forward to!)