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Wash & Set Tribe!

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The wash and set tribe! How many mothers washed, dried, and chatted at the salon – back in the day? That weekly, day-time visit to the salon was mom’s time to care for herself and catch up on the latest gossip and magazine articles with the other wash-and-set ladies. Times have changed – and blow out technology too! No more salon dryer hoods and we’re more likely checking social media on our smartphones, than gossiping over an article from a ladies print magazine. But look around Halo during the day-time and you’ll see the ritual of washing, “setting”, and socializing continues. Some things – the rewarding things – remain the same! The rewarding things? A regularly scheduled me-time appointment can be so much more than just a hair-do – it can be a life-do. We all know that feeling of a great hair day – it’s empowering, satisfying, and adds a little fancy to daily life. If mothers don’t deserve that, we don’t know who does. Why? Well, we know mom, right? Putting herself last, taking care of business and the needs of others. A weekly blow out is a well-earned, calorie-free slice of self-care. Big “thank you” to all Mommy Haloers – for spending your me-time with us as well as for the work of mothering which benefits us all in the Halo community and...

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