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Embracing Naturally Wavy Hair

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As a friend of ours – – recently posted, “When your hair is wavy/curly, sometimes there’s a fine line between ‘messy, romantic waves’ and ‘evil witch living in Azkaban’” Our partners at SEVEN Haircare to the rescue with, Top 5 tips for embracing naturally wavy hair: 1. Step away from the shampoo. According to Stylist Eric Barras, SEVEN consultant, “If you have long, short, or medium hair that is wavy in its texture – not quite a curl, not quite straight – the first step is not over washing. Allowing your hair to be a few days old will get you the most from your texture.” Before following his advice, invest in dry shampoo. It’s your new #1 necessity. 2. Don’t over do it. Less is more. DON’T overuse products. Let a little go a long way! To bring out some natural bounce, add SEVEN haircare’s light STYLE cream to towel dried hair, layering in spritzes of BEACH spray for extra texture. Lightly scrunch and diffuse with the cuticle, not against it. 3. Give it a boost. Try an easy braid to emphasize the curl when you release it. Or, Eric says to use classic hot rollers for “an interior boost to your waves.” Take random sections and roll from the root halfway out towards the ends, going with the natural direction of the wave. Let it sit until cool. Take out, and tousle into place with your fingers. 4. Coax it to curl. If your hair is on the short side, Eric suggests combing the waves into place while your hair is damp. “Let it get 80% dry and then apply your styling cream or whatever hair product that you want to use for separation and definition, and fluff and finger shape into place. 5. Don’t forget the hold. Perfect waves ebb and flow. You’ll need just a little hold to remind them to stay perfect. Try working in a cocktail of DIAMOND for sunshine sparkle mixed with a dab of PUTTY to increase and hold the created texture. Want more? Visit The experts at SEVEN Haircare have plenty to say! Interested in any of the products mentioned here? Ask for Halo to use them with...

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