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Keratin First-Timer

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DAY BEFORE (left photo) I’ve not had a keratin treatment before.  And since my teens, I’ve had frizzy, difficult to comb, dry, and raspy-feeling hair.  You won’t catch me complaining about having curly hair – overall, I’m lucky with my hair.  But two instances drive me crazy. One is when I meet with clients or go out.  (Unless, of course, I get a Halo blow out!) I don’t feel or look polished.  Occasionally, I’ll get lucky and my hair will dry OK, but mostly I feel that my hair is hurting me when making an impression on clients, or while out being social. The other instance that makes me crazy is when I’m traveling – especially if I’m visiting a place with more humidity than the Bay Area.  My hair can frizz to epic proportions and solidify into the most unflattering, un-movable, un-comb-able helmet.  If I do manage to comb it out, it just gets bigger and bigger. DAY OF TREATMENT I had an appointment with Hazel at Halo Menlo Park.  As usual it was nice to walk into Halo.  Lots of smiles and greetings.  Hazel sat me down and went through expectations and the process – totally safe, no formaldehyde.  She explained about not getting my hair wet for 72 hours and how to care for my hair to maintain the effects of the treatment for as long as possible. She gave me a fabulous head massage with shampoo.  Then I dozed for a few minutes while the product opened up my hair cuticles.  She then blow dried my hair and applied the keratin.  I was expecting a long wait, but it was only half an hour – perfect for catching up on e-mails and news.  I left with ironed and great-looking hair.  Hazel sold me the Keratin Complex shampoo and conditioner I’d need to hold onto the treatment effects as long as possible.  Now I just had to make it through 72 hours without getting my hair wet. FEW DAYS AFTER By the third day, I was eager to wash my hair.  It still felt softer than usual and looked good.  I had been worried that the keratin treatment left in my hair would start to look...

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