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New Year, Why New?

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Have you picked up that pen to write your list of New Year’s resolutions?  We at Halo think that’s great, and of course, we’re taking this time of renewal to look inwards and consider how we may improve. But while you’re holding that pen, how about a list of what’s special and fabulous about you? This kind of intentional self-celebration is so good for all of us and probably a better way to lighten up a grey January than a list of pressure-laden resolutions. The “old” you has made it this far and you are doing – and looking – just great.  So why a “new” you? What’s on your list of self-celebration?  Successes?  Bringing joy to others?  Survivals?  Character strengths?  Charity?  Health?  Balance?  Inclusion and acceptance?  Accomplishments?  We’re sure it’s a far longer list than your resolutions. We’ve asked a few friends of Halo to send us a line on this thought of self-celebration and rejection of the unhealthy pressure to be perfect that overwhelms the New Year.  We’re looking forward to sharing them with you in...

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