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Halo’s wage and price increase

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On Labor Day, Halo raised wages — company–wide — to a level deserved by workers in our part of the world. Q – What is inspiring the wage increase? A – I have lived and worked in the Silicon Valley for most of my life.  We are seeing an unprecedented increase in the cost of living in a circumference of 100+ miles.  A living wage in this area simply doesn’t compare to anywhere else in the U.S. right now.  We have lost a large number of employees who simply moved out of the area or took jobs in other fields.  In order to retain our employees and attract new stylists, we have to be willing to compete. Q – Is this a mandated wage increase? A – No.  Halo has led the way on wages from day one.  There is a national movement toward standardized wages and we do not want to wait for that wage to be mandated.  We want to take a stand for our employees now and attract amazing new employees so we can expand our services. Q – Price increases are not fun.  What’s happening? A – This increase is a straight pass-through of the wage increase.  Halo operates on a razor thin margin and will need our clients to help push this through successfully.  Though we have four stores, Halo still grows through investment, not from profit. Q – Is this the last price increase we’ll see for a while? A – YES!  We are jumping ahead of the curve in order to avoid any additional increases.  Many, many of our clients asked us if we were going to move our employees to $15/hr.  They see how hard the work is and what great employees we have and we want to be the leader when it comes to our employees! More info and the video. From Founder and CEO,...

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