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Halo, You and the Drought

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The drought forecast for our area is grim and as a water–based business, we are concerned and considering all we can do to help. And as residents of the Bay Area, no doubt you have your concerns for the environment and your family’s security and happiness. Here’s how Halo helps: • A shower can use five gallons of water per minute. How long is your lather, rinse, repeat? During a Halo lather, the water is turned off. A rinse from our tap is more efficient as the nozzle is right against the scalp — more intensive, faster rinsing equals less water use. Ditto for conditioning. • Since a Halo Fabulous Blow Out lasts up to five days (video of the five day challenge can be found on our YouTube Channel), you eliminate a shampoo or two per week. Halo’s selection of dry shampoo could be one of your go–tos for drought defense! • With water–restrictions imminent and possible water price increases, you’ll be happy to know that we are doing all we can within our business to save. A visit with us absorbs your water usage and costs. • We inspect our faucets for leaks (don’t forget to check your home and garden for leaky taps and hoses), our faucets are green as possible, and our towel service is the greenest we can find. We’re all in this together…join us! (We’ll also be rain dancing — it can’t...

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