Can a blow dryer change the world?

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Rosemary at Halo Los Altos

Halo’s Owner, Rosemary Camposano, during the construction of Halo Los Altos

So, I’ve been thinking about “the reason why” a lot lately. In the past couple of months several aspiring entrepreneurs have approached me and asked me “how to do it”. (Apparently if you survive in your own start-up for more than four years you are considered something of a miracle!) I have turned the thought over in my head many times and the answer is…..there is no how until there is a why?

If I’m reeeeeeally honest, I probably started Halo from fear that I would be unable to get a “real job” after ten years out of the hi-tech marketing workforce. In retrospect the idea of working for someone else seems much easier than owning and running a business. Creating something from nothing not a “just-add-water” endeavor and I now have much more gratitude for all my former employers, not to mention humility in the running of my own business.

No matter the size, it is A LOT of work to run a business. Let me repeat the A LOT part. Did I say A LOT; because I meant it! The headache, heartache and stress of owning and running a business is daunting. The compulsion to continue to grow and maintain excellence are a constant companion. The intrusion of the government at the national, state, county and city level is like a drum beat. The responsibility of providing a paycheck for so many people can be wilting.

Halo Los Altos During Construction

Can a blow dryer change the world?

So the question is not how. And, the question is not what. The question is why? Why do it?

The answer better be a good one. And it better be an answer that can withstand all the pressures I have just named and a thousand more.

For me, the answer is women. The great underlying truth is that when you lift women up (socioeconomically, emotionally, educationally, inspirationally) the world gets better. Children get better. Society gets better. And in the case of Halo, you get a lot of great looking hair, too!

Why start my own company? Well, to change the world, that’s why! And in our case, we’ll do it with a blow dryer in hand!