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Can a blow dryer change the world?

By on October 29, 2014 in About Halo, Hair |

So, I’ve been thinking about “the reason why” a lot lately. In the past couple of months several aspiring entrepreneurs have approached me and asked me “how to do it”. (Apparently if you survive in your own start-up for more than four years you are considered something of a miracle!) I have turned the thought over in my head many times and the answer is…..there is no how until there is a why? If I’m reeeeeeally honest, I probably started Halo from fear that I would be unable to get a “real job” after ten years out of the hi-tech marketing workforce. In retrospect the idea of working for someone else seems much easier than owning and running a business. Creating something from nothing not a “just-add-water” endeavor and I now have much more gratitude for all my former employers, not to mention humility in the running of my own business. No matter the size, it is A LOT of work to run a business. Let me repeat the A LOT part. Did I say A LOT; because I meant it! The headache, heartache and stress of owning and running a business is daunting. The compulsion to continue to grow and maintain excellence are a constant companion. The intrusion of the government at the national, state, county and city level is like a drum beat. The responsibility of providing a paycheck for so many people can be wilting. So the question is not how. And, the question is not what. The question is why? Why do it? The answer better be a good one. And it better be an answer that can withstand all the pressures I have just named and a thousand more. For me, the answer is women. The great underlying truth is that when you lift women up (socioeconomically, emotionally, educationally, inspirationally) the world gets better. Children get better. Society gets better. And in the case of Halo, you get a lot of great looking hair, too! Why start my own company? Well, to change the world, that’s why! And in our case, we’ll do it with a blow dryer in...

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Wake up, no need for make up! Intensive & RevitaBrow

By on October 21, 2014 in Lash and Brows |

Survey says? “We want lash and brow bars at Halo!” You asked, and typically, we went overboard and renovated, trained with the best, got the ultimate products for sale and treatment. REVITABROW Halo is now offering RevitaBrow Advanced — Allure Magazine’s “Best of Beauty” 2014 Award — to beautify and enhance the look of bold, defined brows. Ask about this fabulous product at all Halo™ locations. INTENSIVE LASH AND BROW TINT We are so pleased to be offering this safe and gentle specialized formula for tinting of brows and lashes. • Combination of natural ingredients including lanolin, sunflower, and peanut oil offers a safe, gentle product for hair and skin. • Free of coal tar and complies with FDA regulations. • NO irritation or burning. • Long lasting results! Four to six weeks depending upon your hair growth cycle. • Fast! Thirty minutes for lash and brow tint. • Variety of colors to match you...

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Don’t BLOW IT! HALO IT instead!

By on October 14, 2014 in About Halo, Hair |

When the hair cuticle is damaged, the delicate inner core is exposed which can cause static, dullness, dryness, splits and breakage. That’s just blow’in it! Become a regular and “HALO IT”, instead… PRODUCTS All of our products (Oribe, Renee Furterer and Seven) are developed to both moisturize and protect the hair. Your stylist will prep your hair before the blow out with the best styling products on the market today – they will both seal the cuticle and protect it from the heat of the dryer. You will find your hair becoming healthier when you become a “regular”! TRAINING All Halo Stylists are trained to section and dry the hair efficiently and using a round-brush technique not found at other salons. This creates a longer lasting blow out and puts less constant heat on the hair! EQUIPMENT A blow out needs the right equipment…great brushes and blow dryers. Halo uses both Paul Mitchell and Olivia Garden brushes and Solano dryers modified by FreeStylists for our drop-down driers. FREQUENCY Following the steps in our “Life of the Perfect Blow Out” kit allows your blow out to last up to five days. Five days without shampooing and heat? That’s easy math. Over time, Halo–ed hair is healthier hair that gains luster and beauty with each visit! “We’re just not interested in one–day...

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By on October 9, 2014 in How-To |

It always blows us away how many people love our look books.  If you have not seen our latest, check them out! HALLOWEEN FALL 2014 LOOK BOOK HAIR We’re loving the fringed pixie cut, but there’s an “in trend” look for everyone this fall. Consider the angled bob, the slick and blunt modern bob, piece–y layers, mermaid tresses — long and beachy, and the lob (longer bob!) Side–swept bangs are still popular and also clips that show (bring your own bobby pins or alligator clips.) And oh my goodness! Is the mullet really back? It is — modernized for sure. Take your fabulous cut of the season to the next level or have your Halo stylist recommend a way to re–imagine your current DO. BROWS Brows are coming on strong this autumn. Seen on recent runways: bold and dark, large and pale, and yes, bushy even. How far do you want to go? Or play is safe and gorgeous with one of Halo’s signature brow styles. MAKE UP A major trend this fall is pairing nude lips, cheeks and brows with over–the–top eye make up — either liner or startling color. Also hot: burgundy lips, electric hues, splashes of metallic, doll lashes, the smoky eye, 1980’s eyeliner, fresh cheeks and glowing skin. The retro look du jour is 1960’s make up. Our make up partner, Jane Iredale, has just launched “CITY NIGHTS”, a collection of sophisticated autumn color. Of course we have the entire line for purchase or for application at our Make Up...

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Halo is celebrating the success of Breast Cancer Awareness and the great power in education and early detection.  This month, we are supporting those going through chemotherapy and paired with Town & Country Village, home of Halo Palo Alto, we are contributing to the fight against breast cancer. On October, 10th, participating retailers and restaurants at Town & Country Village, Halo Palo Alto’s home, will be donating ten percent of all sales to Bay Area Cancer Connections. All the info. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, drop off any wig belonging to someone going through chemotherapy, and we’ll style it for no charge and call you when it’s ready for pick up. We love doing this each year and knowing that every little bit helps on the path to...

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