Halo and Value and Values

By on September 5, 2014 in Community |

Women think about their hair every day. They have done historically and no doubt will continue to do so into the future. It frames their face, enhances thHalo Communityeir eyes, and is a symbol to all of health and confidence. A good hair day can play a role in how great a woman feels and therefore how she interacts and affects the people and the environment around her. And a bad hair day? Well, that’s like an angel missing her halo – something’s just not right.


Halo A Blow Dry Bar is all about valuing that good hair day. Extending it. Letting its power enhance a woman’s spirit. A fabulous blow out is our core value. It’s why we use the very best products, and why we continually train our stylists in techniques that bring out the best in hair while preventing damage from heat or styling tools by skillfully using high-end equipment. We add value by including an amazing shampoo and head massage, and passing on tips and our Life of the Perfect Blow Out Kit so that an appointment at Halo leads to several good hair days in a row.


Each day as we style women, we see the value in that fabulous blow out. We hope to see each client leave Halo with a little extra bounce in her step. We turn our core value into something that has a value of spirit, confidence, and ease to our clients.


As we have grown and learned since we first started to build a business around a Fabulous Blow Out, we have developed more values, and expanded upon those things which are important to us.


There’s no way to measure the value we place in the women who support us. We see how busy you are caring for the needs of your family, your communities, your health, and your job. We acknowledge your value to us by doing all we can to create a stress-free place to rejuvenate and to provide you with services which keep you looking and feeling good for as long as possible – all while helping you manage your schedule with early opening hours, easy appointment booking by phone, computer, or mobile, and with our new make up and lash/brow services.


The founder of Halo has long been committed to supporting women and involvement in women’s issues; at Halo that begins with the employees! It is our highest priority to create a safe, creative, supportive and challenging environment for our stylists to “do their magic”. Halo provides on-going training for ALL employees and encourages every one of them to “dream big” for their selves! We believe that happy and motivated employees convey that same feeling directly to our clients – which is why we have so many happy clients! 🙂


One of the values that sets us apart is our commitment to the communities we serve. It is a core value of Halo to be a community viver rather than funding programs and benefiting people in faraway places. There is plenty of need right here in our own communities. Halo participates in a variety of ways and in hundreds of organizations big and small. Everything from supporting the local Cheer Squad Rally Towels (go PALY!), to free wig styling for cancer patients as they go through chemo. From styling models at the Saint Francis and Menlo Fashion Shows, to styling under privileged youth before their prom. We do all of this work for fun and for free! WHY? Because it is not enough to do business in our communities; we want to give back to those people who give so generously to us!